Carsington Water

 Carsington Water

It was lovely to see Jaffa
Watching the ducks
Fly out across
Carsington Water
Look Jaffa
Lots of Ducks
It was lovely to see Jaffa 
Running free

Jaffa’s  Recall is Unbelievable

for saying she is only 11 weeks old
She just loves to fetch her
Baby Pheasant
Then watches as Dad throws it
Always Retrieving her
Baby Pheasant
Jaffa Sits Beautifully
 Waiting for …
A Treat
Jaffa had a go at
Climbing The Rocks
She soon got the hang of it
Well Done Jaffa

You are One Little Star

 We are soooooooo
Very Proud Of You
Listening to Dad
Never Leaving his Side
We Love You So Very Much
 We had a such a lovely time
 At Carsington Water

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