Field Fun

Field Fun

We are Sooooooooooooo Lucky
 Having  A Field to Run and Play in.
Watching My Friend’s Play
Lot’s of Grass to Explore
Jaffa found …
A Very Big Snake
 Jaffa has the Beagles
To Play With
Oh what Fun
Dad has Treats
Sitting and Waiting for a Treat
Jaffa Now 11 weeks old
Sometimes Dad
Drops A Treat
We All help
With The Treat Finding
Tia Zanda and Jaffa 
Still Search Every  Blade of Grass
For that last Last Crumb
Jem Always waits nicely
For her Treat
Please …
Wait For Me !!!
Tia Please Share The Ball
Dad turn around
Look what I have Found
Nobody is having …
My Pheasant
Look …
A Big Big Pheasant
Oh I’m …
Soooooooooooooooo Happy

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