Jaffa Joins the Pack

 Joins the Pack
 Jaffa is home
 The Beagles are more interested in
Bobby and Monty’s Tea
Bobby climbs down to check out
this new member of our pack

                                                         Tia is checking Jaffa is safe
From Bobby

Come and Sleep with me Jaffa
I will keep you safe
I will be your
Best Friend
Ace soon joins in
For A Cuddle
Not for long
a 6 week old puppy sleeps and plays
and ….
Sleeps again
Oh not forgetting …
Out For Wee’s
Clever Jaffa gets
A Cuddle from Dad
A Cuddle from Mum
Then a Sleep on the foot rest
 Jaffa’s first day
A Success in So Many ways
She Loves The Beagles
Zanda, Ace and Tia 
 Just Loves Her Too
Jaffa is now
One of the pack
We are Soooooooooooo
Happy but Tired
 Enjoyed her first day
Time For Bed Jaffa
Eeyore and Beagle Teddy
Will  keep  you Safe and Warm
Night, Night
Jaffa x
 Night, Night 

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