Jaffa’s First Walk


First Walk

Jaffa is 10weeks old  
Ready to explore the
Great Out Doors 
The Ducks
Why Did They Run Away ?
All I want to do is
Play With Them
Lead Training
Jaffa  was a Little Star
No Pulling or Dyeing Fly Impressions
Took It All In Her Stride
A Little Bit of Sit and Stay
Then for a
Look at the Lake
Be Careful Jaffa
Don’t Fall In
Looks Big and Deep
Let me get out of here !!!
Then  a short walk a long the canal
Dad was Very Proud of Me
My Good Listening
Jaffa was
Allowed of her Lead
Jaffa had
Jaffa came straight back to her name
So Pleased with
Our 10 week old
Baby Cocker Spaniel
We Love You

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