Wet Markeaton Park

Markeaton Park

 We took Jaffa to
Markeaton Park
This was going to be her first walk
on her short walking lead
 Jaffa was not sure to start with
 Dad  giving her reassurance
Jaffa soon got the hang
Walking next to him
What A Little Star
 You Are Jaffa
Jaffa Sits when asked
 Meeting the Geese
 Walked past lots of people
 Then stopping to meet one special little girl
who gave Jaffa A Big Cuddle
Then it was time to visit the lake
  Still walking on her lead
Now on grass as to give her a break
 from the tarmac
Jaffa has not put
A Foot Out of Place
 Stopping to read the fishing rules
Jaffa was reading it too x
Jaffa had been sooooooooo good so
We let her have time off a lead
Then all of a sudden
It Went Very Very Dark !!!
It Then Started To Rain !!!
 Come on Mum we are going to get Wet !!!
 Then The Heavens Opened
We sheltered under a tree until …
 The Tree Leaked !!!!
 The Squirrel wasn’t bothered
I had to put the camera away to keep it dry
 It was raining so hard
So unfortunately no more evidence
of us making it half way round the lake back to the car
Drowned Rats
Was an Understatement
We are all home …
Safe and Dry
Must Remember Brolly 
Next Time !!!

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