Markeaton Park

Markeaton Park
Jaffa sat patiently while we watched
The Squirrels Play
Mum took this beautiful Photo of
A Squirrel with an acorn
Jaffa’s new collar and lead
arrived today
Makes her look so grown up
Jaffa was a good girl walking
 on her new lead
She met a new friend
Jasper Border Terrier
Jaffa and Jasper
 Got on well together

We let Jaffa of her lead so she could
Play with her new friend Jasper
They had a lovely time until Jasper 
Ran off with Jaffa’s Pheasant
 We carried on walking letting
 Jaffa of her lead
To explore the
Autumn Leaves
Jaffa loved running and
Playing in the leaves
Trying to catch them as
They fell from the trees
There was just a little time to play
With the Pheasant
Jaffa is so clever brings the
 Pheasant straight back
Dad only throw the pheasant
a few times
Jaffa’s ears flapped in the wind
As she ran
Then it was time to put
Jaffa  back on her lead
For the short distance walk
Back to the car
What a Great Time
We have had
Markeaton Park

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