Puppy Fun 7- 8 weeks old

 Puppy Fun
7 – 8 weeks old
Jaffa found A New Sleeping Place
Age 7 weeks
So Sleepy Jaffa can’t keep her eyes open
The Washing Basket Is Soooooooo Comfy
Jaffa is Growing Soooooooooo Fast
Jaffa is 6 weeks old in this photo
Jaffa loves Cuddles from her fury friend’s
Ace and Tia
Jaffa is 7 weeks old
Gives Tia A Big kiss




Jaffa 8 weeks old


Jaffa is Changing and growing
Every Day


Just Loves Coddles Sooooooooo
Very Very Much
Jaffa Loves to
Play with her Toys
Jaffa Loves Her Snake
 7 weeks old
A Game of Tug A War
with Ace and Tia
 Oh What Fun
it is Being 7 weeks Old
 8 weeks old
Jaffa is teething
Jaffa  Loves a
Bone to Chew


After All that Chewing
A Game of Chase
You can’t catch me Tia
Now to Help Dad
Do you want a hole here ?
Jaffa  loves being outside
and investigates everything with her mouth
8 weeks old
Jaffa  Loves testing everything with her mouth
Grass is one of Jaffas favorite  things to chew
Not forgetting the odd
Everything is interesting
Dad’s Water Buckets Look Fun
Come on Tia Lets knock them over
When you are 8 weeks old
You have to listen to your friend’s
Jaffa just remember to keep away from
Jem she is the Grumpy One
So Much To Learn
Only 8  weeks Old

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