All About Cockapoo

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What is a Cockapoo?

A Cockapoo is a lovely mix of Cocker Spaniel andPoodle

They are a fun-loving, very intelligent and affectionate dogs, they love people and other dogs, making them a wonderful addition to any home.

Cockapoo’s are an energetic breed of dog that needs regular ‘off lead’ excercise and would suit an active or busy family.

With their intelligence they respond very quickly to training.

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Once trained a Cockapoo makes an extremely loyal and faithful friend.


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One of the big advantages o owning a Cockapoo is that they are

Hypoallergenic Dogs

meaning Cockapoo’s are less likely to cause an allergic reaction in humans. Many eople with asthma and eczema are therefore able to own a Cockapoo without being troubled by an allergic reaction

‘F1 Cockapoo’

This is the first cross with a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle resulting in the ‘F1 Cockapoo’. This is generally considered to be the best most stable mating giving the most consistent results, with the added benifit that there is no worry of in-breeding or line breeding for this beautiful cross. the puppies make excellent pets that are a lovely size to have around the house.

With an ‘F1’ Cockapoo … which breed is mum and which breed is dad may have an effect on the resulting offspring but both options are equally acceptable for producing beautiful ‘F1 Cockapoo’ puppies.


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