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Grooming is an essential part of owning a Cockapoo and is an important consideration when deciding if a Cockapoo is right for you.

Keeping your Cockapoo’s coat in good condition will require regular brushing, it’s best to start a Grooming regime when your puppy is young getting it used to being handled, brushed and trimmed is a very important part of owning a Cockapoo.

The Cockapoo has a Dense, Medium, and Silky Coat, Whether this coat is straight, shaggy or curly the first six months is quite straight forward. A simple grooming regime of regular brushing sessions of 10 minutes of so three or four times a week should keep your puppies coat free of knots. Make this grooming time a pleasure for yourself and your  puppy with lots of rewards and encouragement to get your puppy to enjoy these sessions.

A Grooming Kit signed

We recommend you make yourself a Grooming kit :-

  •  a comb
  • a brush
  • nail clippers
  • sharp hairdressers scissors … carefully remove any knots from your Cockapoo’s coat
  • electric clippers … if you are going to trim your Cockapoo yourself

keep your grooming kit just for your puppy and put it somewhere handy then you will alway know where to find it.

When your Cockapoo reaches around eight months you will notice a change in their coat as the adult coat starts to come through. The coat will feel thicker and this is when it starts to matt. All dogs moult however Cockapoo’s are low – non shedding so require Extra Grooming to brush out their ‘puppy coat’ or ‘under coat’.  This is when you may need a little extra help with your Cockapoo’s coat if you can’t manage this yourself.

Finding a local Dog Groomers

Look for a Groomers who are used to Grooming Cockapoo’s. We recommend you ask for a ‘teddy bear’ cut where the face and legs are left long, ask for a scissor cut rather than a clip you can always ask your Groomers for advice. Groomers will also wash and shampoo your Cockapoo so they come back smelling and looking stunning.  Very soon you and your Cockapoo will build up a friendship with your Groomer and both will look forward to your visits.

It is best to keep on top of your Cockapoo’s coat with regular brushing and grooming so your dog can always keep its ‘teddy bear’ looks.

Nail Trimming

Your puppies nails will need to be trimmed once every two-three moths with nail clippers.



If doing this yourself please be careful and be conservative with the amount you cut off, just the very end hooks is sufficient. Alternatively any dog groomers or your vet should be able to do it for you at little cost.

Ear Cleaning

Please check your Cockapoo’s ears on a regular basis and keep the enterance to the ear canal clean and free from hair. Only clean the area you can see Never poke anything into the ear canal.  If your Cockapoo’s ears become red and show signs of any soreness or if you have any worries contact your vet.


















At this time accustom your puppy to having you touch the membranes around the entrance to the ear canal, as later in life the ears may need to be plucked of excess hairs to prevent build up of wax. Also keep yourself familiar with your puppies’ teeth so you notice any changes in the future such as discolouration.


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