Cocker Spaniels


The Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniels are companion dogs they very affectionate and loyal by nature. Once trained you will have a friend for life


Cocker Spaniels have loads of personality and character they are just such happy little dogs and are lot’s of fun with their amenable, cheerful disposition they are a treat to have in any family.
Jaffa Snake

All your Cocker spaniel wants to do is to ‘Please You’


 Cocker Spaniels are far too intelligent for their own good and they Love getting up to a little mischief whenever they can. These clever little dogs have the ability to twist their owners around their little paws!!!


The Cocker is known to be a sensitive dog, mentally and physically. He has a “soft” personality and does not respond well to harsh treatment Early socialization and training is essential to teach the Cocker appropriate canine manners.

One of the reasons the Cocker Spaniel is so popular is that they make  Great Family Pets they gets along well with children as long as the Children are kind to them and learn to respect the New Puppy 

The touch of Love

The Cocker Spaniel also gets along with other family pets


 Cocker Spaniel’s love to run and play fetch

A Run Together

and will spend many happy hours retrieving their ball or pheasant


Despite their beautiful looks and cute, round eyes,
the Cocker Spaniel is a hunter at heart.
Loving nothing better than going out working  with you
        Jaffa and Jett’s Mum and Dad ‘Barley’ and ‘Tweed’
Both love to go beating with our Daughter Amy and her Husband Mick …
‘Barley’ seen here with Amy  ‘Tweed’ seen with Mick
After all that hard work
Cocker Spaniels love nothing better than curling up next to you
There is Nothing Better thank A Big Hug x
Love Is ...

From your Loving Loyal Companion

Your Best Fiend

Breed Characteristics


5 *****
Dog Friendly

4 ****
Shedding Level

3 ***
Affection Level

5 *****
Exercise Needs

4 ****
Social Needs

5 *****
Apartment Friendly

5 *****

5 *****
Stranger Friendly

5 *****
Barking Tendencies

4 ****
Health Issues

4 ****

3 ***
Cat Friendly

3 ***

5 *****

5 *****
Child Friendly

5 ***** Playfulness

4 ****
Watchdog Ability

3 ***

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