The Poodle


1A Poodle signed

Poodles are lively and very affectionate dogs who are devoted to their owners they are full of fun and a ‘Clown by nature’ bringing their owners lot’s of joy and laughter

A Joy To Me I Love You Basil signed

” There are three sizes of Poodle to choose from.


The Poodle is extremelly intelligent and delight to train whatever it’s size they are happy bright and have excellent temprements with very afectionate personalities and love to play.


  Poodles are Hypoallergenic Dogs they do not shed their coats and they require frequent grooming.

Poodle’s lovely coats come in a range of colours – from solid black or white to a Stunning fox red or lighter apricot.

Poodles are very clever and friendly dogs with lovely bubbly personalities.

Miniature Poodles are an especially great choice if you have children as they are kind patient pups.


Basil is a Stunning ‘Fox red’  Miniature poodle

He ia a treasured members of a dog loving family.

Basil – Information

Basil leads a full and energetic life, sharing a country home and enjoys all home comforts a sofa the fireside and loves playing in the gardens.

Basil is lovingly Owned by … Mrs Celia Bennett


Life Span: 12 – 15 years
HightToy Poodle: 24 – 28 cmMiniature Poodle: 28 – 35 cmStandard Poodle 45 – 60 cm, 
Temperament : Trainable, Intelligent, Faithful, Alert, Active
Colours : Apricot, Black, White, Black & Tan, Cream, Black & White,  Fox Red, Silver, Blue, Brown, Sable, Grey
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