Whelping Box


The Whelping Box

1A Whelping Box

Time to set up the Whelping area

Jaffa is now in the Seventh Week of her Pregnancy 

 It’s now time to set up the Whelping area where Jaffa can get the peace and quiet she will require during her labour and birth.


We use our dinning room this is somewhere that is in a quieter place of our house, where we can separate an area away from our other girls and the busyness of everyday life.


Here Jaffa will be safe and quiet but still feel she is part of her loving family

Being within easy sight and reach of the main house hold .

A piece of cushion floor 2m x 1.2m is placed on top of our floor to protect the laminate as this will be the home for the puppies first weeks of life. They will sleep, eat and ‘poo and wee’ here so the floor has to be an easy to clean area that can be kept free from germs.

The Whelping Box …

Whelping Box Measurements

Ron has made the whelping box using conti-board.

The Front and back panel measure 1.2m long x 50cm high

Each side panel measures 1m long x 50cm

The front panel has a door way cut out with an opening gap of 66cm with a step of 23cm This will enable Jaffa to have easy access but keeping the puppies safe within the Whelping box.

1 Pipe Dimentions

Ron has fixed a 40mm Waste pipe all around the Inside of the Whelping Box at a Hight of 80mm this allows the new-born puppies don’t get squashed against the sides by their mum.


Our box doesn’t have a fixed bottom we will put carpet tiles under the Whelping box these can then easily be replaced.

On top of this we place a piece of vets bedding this allows the puppies to stay warm and cosy. Vet bedding acts as a one way nappy lets moisture pass through it keeping both Jaffa and her puppies Clean and Dry.


Around the outside of the Whelping Box we have a Puppy Pen this gives Jaffa space to leave the whelping box but still be next to her puppies.


Finally Ron has boarded around the inside of the Puppy Pen with

40cm White Faced Hardboard

This helps keep the Puppy Pen clean and stops the puppies biting the bars.


Jaffa is now ready for the birth of her

Puppies Due October 15 th

The waiting game has begun x

Exciting News

Jaffa’s Beautiful Cockapoo Babies

Born Safe and Well 12th October 2017

All together.JPG

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Cockapoo 4 u x


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