Exciting News


Exciting News

A Header Puppies signed

We are Very proud To Announce

The Safe Arrival


Jaffa’s Precious Cockapoo Puppies

1 New Born signed

Born on Thursday

12th October 2017

Pups 1 signed

 Seven Beautiful Cockapoo Babies

1 First 3 Born signed.JPG

Jaffa and Her Babies are all doing well

1aa New Born signed.JPG

After a long steady 10hr labour

The beautiful puppies entered this world

1 Pup Just Born signed

In the Hands of Love

1a Pup Just Born signed

Love is ... signed

We want to say a Big Thank You to

Amy for all the help she gave Jaffa and her Babies

Ensuring each and every puppy had a safe and stress free delivery.

1a New Born

All Finished signed

After all that hard work

Jaffa enjoys a well earned dinner

Well Earned Meal signed

We are just so happy

To Anounce this wonderful news

Posted with Love

Cockapoo 4 u


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