Our Cockapoo Babies – First Week

Welcome To The World

A Week Old signed

Our Beautiful Cockapoo Babies

First Week of Life …


 Seven Wonderful Cockapoo Babies

Born to Jaffa


1 Best New Born

We are so Very Proud to introduce

5 Beautiful Girls and 2 Stunning Boys


All together.JPG

Day 2

This photo was taken 14/10/2017 the puppies were 2 days old

2 pup signed.JPG

2a  Just Pups.JPG

Day 3

Growing Fast

On the 15/10/2017 we weighed the puppies


All the puppies had grown puttig on over 50grams each from their birth weight.



 Day 5 –  17/10/2017

1A Growing Fast

The puppies were weighed again


Look how much they have grown in just 5 days

Well Earned Meal signed


After we weighed each puppy we put them a little coloured collar on

so we could quickly idendify them.

1 Love You

Little orange girl with her Mum Jaffa

1a Love You

All puppies together


 We didn’t like leaving the puppies with their little collars on

So after these photos were taken we removed them for safety.



Well it is now a week since Our Cockapoo Babies were born.

they are just Gorgeous


1 week

We are growing fast,

We love our food

Most of all just …

Love Cuddling Our Mum Jaffa

1 One week Old

We Love You So Much Jaffa x

Posted With love

Cockapoo 4 u


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