Weigh In – 12 Days Old

Growing Fast

1AA Growing Fast Day 12 signedWe are now 12 Days Old

We all Love milk from our Mummy Jaffa3Our Mummy loves her Special Milk too2We are full1

Here we are being


Big Boy 789 Crop

I am a Stunning Big Boy

Ace keeps a close eye on me

Big Boy 782 cropped

Our Stunning Little Boy

I’m Catching Up with my Brother

Little Boy 737 cropped

Our Beautiful Little Girl’s

I’m the little girl with a white spot under my chin

Girl 662 crop

We are the Beautiful Pure Black Girls

Girl 658 cropped

We kept moving and the scales kept going up and down

So on the chart we are …657g and 627g

Girl 624 crop

I liked being weighed

I went to sleep

Golden Girl 737I am putting on weight but …

I ‘ve had enough of this

Weighing Game

Goldern girl 737

We all have more than

Doubled Our Birth weight

1aGrowing Fast 12 days signed

We are so Proud of

Our Wonderful Cockapoo Babies

Posted with love

Cockapoo 4 u



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