Happy Cockapoo Puppies

1 a Week 3

We have had a lovely week

Having found the Food Bowl

We just Love it

9 First Food

The mess is Amazing

We are eating a lot more and now have Four Meals a day


We have our meals the other side of our whelping box

We have Full Tummy’s

Here are a few pics for you


20 Together

17 Together

18 Together

1 Robin Helen

4 Janet Robin Rose

5 Janet Alfie


7 Jen Janet

610 Janet11 Maryann Janet Rose21 Maryann Alfie12 Maryann Janet Rose Jen19 Robin9.JPG

Our New Red Bed



14 Robin

13 a Maryann


We have had a really fantastic week

GrowingEating … Sleeping


Covered in food

Surrounded by Love

Cockapoo 4 u

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