Photo Shoot – Week 4

1A A Photo Shoot

 Our First Photo Shoot

Aged 4 Weeks Old Today

Our Beautiful Girl’s


Helen Framed

1 Helen Framed

Helen Best framed


A Very Best Snake JenFramed

Best Jen 1aFramed.JPG

Best Jen 5Framed.JPG


Rose Best 4Framed.JPG

A Rose Best Framed

Rose 4 Framed.JPG


1 Robin Framed

Robin 2aaFramed.JPG


Robin 3aFramed.JPG



1Framed Maryann.JPG

A Very Best Maryann 1aFramed

Our Stunning Boys


1a Alfie Framed

1 Alfie Framed.JPG

Alfie Framed


Janet 9 Framed.JPG

Janet Best 3Fraed.JPG

1 Janet Framed.JPG

We are just …

Seven of The Best

Loved Always

Cockapoo 4 u






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