5 Weeks Old – Garden Adventure

1 5 Weeks - Garden Adventure

Garden Adventures

25Today we have been playing in the garden.14Hiding in the grass16Eating it too !!!306Lots of exciting things to look at3.JPGLook what I have found ….47.JPGWhat is it?  … It’s sooooooooooooooooooo BIG !!!48.JPGCan I climb on it?23.JPGOh No … It’s too high37Think I will get back down33.JPGThat’s better I feel safe now26Here comes Gran and she is going to sit on that BIG CHAIR !!!

Let’s Go …. 17Come on Sis …Want too Play43Can I play with you?48


19.JPGWell enough of that let’s explore …53Over here in the corner 8.JPGWhat is it?40We are not sure … I will see if I can climb it .41.JPGGet Down you will never climb that … It’s A WALL !!!12.JPGWell Done Cardi … You Clever Boy56Never mind the wall … Look what I have found54.JPGA Tiger55.JPGThat’s It I’ve Got Him !!!

Oh What A Great Time We Had Exploring The Garden x


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