We Have Been Weighed – Week I

1aa Week One Names

Look how we have ‘Grown’

Day 1

It is one week since we were born


Everyday we grow a little bit bigger we love our Mummy

DSC00073.JPGHer milk is making us very strong


DSC00058.JPGDrinking all that milk has made us Grow …

1.JPGOur Mummy Jaffa is Very Special she Loves and cares for our every need.

DSC00065.JPGWe all Love her soooooooooooooooooooo much.


With all that wonderful milk at 4 days we weighed …

Day 4a Names


Now a Week Old

Look how much we weigh …

1 Week a Names

We are getting  real …

Chunky Monkeys 


Just For You

Posted with Love

Cockapoo 4 u x


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