We Can See You – 2 Weeks Old

1 Eyes Open

We are 2 Weeks Old Today …

We Can See You …

Golden Girl

”  Mummy Look” …

“I’ve Opened My Eyes” 

Golden Girl 5.JPG” I’m saving a Big Kiss for” …

My Mummy …. My Daddy …  My Brothers ….


My Big Sister”x

Golden Girl 2“I can’t wait to”…

“See You” xxx

Golden Girl (2)


“Look Mummy and Grace I’ve Opened My Eyes”… “

Roxey (2)“I was the First to Open My Eyes ….

I’m waiting here for another Big Hug”

Roxey 2.JPG“I can’t wait …

For a Cuddle Again ” xxx

Roxey 3

Elmo – Waffle

“Mummy and Daddy” …

“I’m trying Sooooooooooo hard to Open My Eyes “

Elmo - Waffle 1 (2).JPG“I will save Opening my Eyes …

Until I See You and My Brothers “

Elmo - Waffle 2“Then I can have a Big Hug” xxx

Elmo - Waffle 5.JPG


“A Big Hello Mummy ….

“I Can See You

 Noah, Oliver and Matthew”

Elvis 3” Look Out Rosie … I’m Watching You” x

Elvis (2).JPG” Looking Forward to My Next Big Cuddle ” xxx

Elvis 1 (2).JPG


“Mummy, Daddy and Mia 

I Can’t wait to See You” 

Rudi 1“That’s If I Can Stay Awake”

Rudi 2.JPG“Looking Forward to a …

A Big Snuggle” xxx

Rudi 7.JPG

“It’s Just Sooooooooooooooooooooo Hard to Keep Our Eyes Open”


After all that hard work it’s time to have …

A Big Cuddle with Mummy Jaffa xxx

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