Cockapoo Puppies First Food

1 First Food

We have had our …

First Taste of Food

Rudi Roxey 8.JPGWe Loved It


Golden Girl 

Sat on her Mummy’s knee to eat her Puppy Porridge



Sat on Freddie’s Knee she tried to eat it all

Roxey 2Roxey got in a Lovely Mess


Elmo – Waffle

Enjoyed his ‘Puppy Porridge’ while Golden Girl had a wash

DSC00070Elmo – Waffle really enjoyed his first food



Got tucked in straight away

Elvis 4Elvis Loved his food

Elvis 5


Wanted to Eat It All x

Rudi 2.JPG

Rudi and Roxey

Thoroughly enjoyed ….

Rudi Roxey 3

Getting In A Mess x

Rudi Roxey 8.JPG

We have had a Great Time

Tasting Food


Jaffa sat watching her Babies enjoying themselves


Then gave her Special Babies a Big Drink of Mummy’s Milk

Just for you

Posted with Love

Cockapoo 4 u x

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