We Can See You

Eyes Open 1aWe are Two Weeks Old

1aI Can See you ….

I am the Golden Girl


2I Can See you too …

I am the Black Beauty

1 Framed

1aI woke up to see you …

My name is Ralph


1 a.JPGHello I can See you …

I am the Golden Boy


1I was Very Tired and fell to sleep …

My name is Scout

1aThis was hard work…

08-05-219 Pups Snake (2).JPGWe needed another cuddle with our friend snake x

08-05-219 Pups Snake 5.JPGThen a Drink and a Cuddle with our Mummy

08-05-219 Jaffa Pups (2).JPGWe Love our Mummy Jaffa x

08-05-219 Jaffa Pups (3)Jaffa Loves us too x

08-05-219 Jaffa Pups (4)

Posted with Love

Just for you

Cockapoo 4 u x


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