Sticky Porridge


We Love  Our Sticky Porridge

06-05-2019 Sticky Porridge (8).JPGWe walk in it ……

06-05-2019 Sticky Porridge (3)We get in the jug …

09-05-2019 Sticky Porridge (3)F.JPGWe eat it …

8.JPGWe get covered in it …

09-05-2019 Sticky Porridge (8)F.JPG

09-05-2019 Sticky Porridge (9)F.JPGWe love our Sticky porridge ….

10-05-2019 Beck Eve and Oliver (2).JPGIt Makes us … Grow Strong

09-05-2019 Sticky Porridge (5)FLook how   …     ‘We Have Grown’

Weight Chart - WEEK 3

1 Week 3

24.JPGSticky Porridge and Mummys Milk  … Yummy x


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Cockapoo 4 u x

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