Our Big Playpen

a Play PenWe are now  … Five Weeks Old27-05-2019 Play Pen (11).JPGLook at our … Big Playpen27-05-2019 Play Pen (19).JPGWe can run around safely while being watched by our friend’s Ace and Abbie.27-05-2019 Play Pen (18).JPG27-05-2019 Play Pen (2).JPGNow we are older we can play with Ace and Abbie too.27-05-2019 Play Pen (1).JPGThey are teaching us ‘Good Manners’27-05-2019 Play Pen (6).JPGWe love them very much.27-05-2019 Play Pen (8).JPG27-05-2019 Play Pen (11).JPGIn our playpen we have two new play centres 27-05-2019 Play Pen (9).JPGClick on the link to watch us play …

Puppy Playtime

27-05-2019 Play Pen (17).JPGAll this playing makes us very hungry ,

We are growing so fast  …

1 Week 5

We are now fully weaned …

27-05-2019 Play Pen (22).JPGOne final drink from Our Beautiful Mummy Jaffa x

20190529_180625.jpgThen we cuddle up together and dream about our busy day xxx

Click on the link below to see …

Our Day-time … Night-time Playpens


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