Vet Check – Weigh in

1 Weight Chart - 6 Week

Our Vet Check

A Garden FlowerWe are now 6 Weeks Old04-05-2019 Vet Check (4) Framed.JPGToday we went for a ride in the car

It was Great Fun20181128_134606We went to see the Vet for our Health Check , Vaccinations  and Microchip

20181128_134735We were Very Brave

We had lots of cuddles so we soon forgot the pain.

That microchip injection makes you cry

Now if we ever get lost we will be returned home

Keeping us Safe Forever

1 vaccination CardWe now all have our own Vaccination Card

Just like our Mummy Jaffa

The Vet said we were all Very Healthy

Vet Check 1

1 Week 6

Uncle Steve … couldn’t believe how much we all Weighed

04-05-2019 Vet Check (3) FramedWe were Very Pleased when it was time to go home

So we could run around and Play with Ace

Vet Check 1.jpgA Big Thank you to everyone at Glenthorne Vets

Especially Uncle Steve for his Loving Care x


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