8 Day Weigh In

Weight chart Day 8aaa1 A BestHello Everyone …

Let me introduce my Precious Babies to you …

Precious Little Boy 1Boy 1 aaaaBoy 1 a

Stunning Little Boy 2 Boy 2 BestBoy 2 Best aa

Now let’s meet the Beautiful … 

RocketRocket 8Rocket 6

I am the Handsome …

LouieBoy 4 Best aBoy 4 Best aaaaa

Now let’s meet the Fantastic …


SeveSeve 2

Now it’s time to introduce My Special Little …

Chunky MonkeyBoy 5 aaBoy 5 a

I only had One Gorgeous Baby Girl 

The Beautiful …

GracieGirl BestSays Hello …Girl 3

I Love My Babies Soooooooooooooo Very Much

I wanted to share them with you

Love Jett xxx

DSC00021Weight Chart Day 8 aaa

Posted with Love

Just for You

Cockapoo 4 u x


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