2 Week – Weigh In

2 Week Weigh in

We are 2 Weeks Old

Little Boy 1 (2).JPGI am Stunning Little Boy 1

I Weigh … 680g … 1lb 4ozLittle Boy 1 (4)

Little Boy 2 (2).JPGI am Beautiful Little Boy 2

I Weigh … 600g … 1lb 3ozLittle Boy 2 (8).JPG

Rocket (3).JPGMy Name is Rocket

I Weigh … 640g … 1lb 4ozRocket (1).JPG

Louie (1).JPGMy Name is Louie

I Weigh … 720g … 1lb 5ozLouie (4).JPG

Chunky Monkey (3).JPGI am Chunky Monkey

I Weigh … 760g 1lb 6ozChunky Monkey (6)

Seve (1)My Name is Seve

I Weigh … 740g … 1lb 6ozSeve (4)

Gracie (1)My Name is Gracie

I Weigh 560g … 1lb 2ozGracie (3)

We are Growing Fast

Weight Chart 2 Weeks Old

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Cockapoo 4 u x

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