First Photo Shoot

34Week Weigh inOur First Photo ShootJasper 2.JPGJasper loves the toys … Jasper to eat the flowersJasper 4.JPG

Milo 1.JPGMilo cuddled the toys … Milo enjoys his cuddlesMilo 1

Rocket 2.JPGRocket just loved the toys … Rocket so comfy went to sleepRocket.JPG

Louie.JPGLouie investigated the toy box … Louie loves a hugLouie 1 (2)

Ziggy.JPGZiggy relaxing with his teddy … Ziggy is so laid backZiggy 1.JPG

Seve.JPGSeve looked out of the toy box … Seve had a big yawnSeve 1

Gracie 2.JPGGracie cuddled the toys … Gracie loves a cuddle from her big sisterGracie.JPG

Cuddles and Lots of Love A Weight 4 WeeksMakes us grow …


Just for You

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Cockapoo 4 u x



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