Flowers – 5 Weeks Old

Flower-Names5 Weeks Old

Looking at the Flowers5 Jasper (3).JPGJasper – looked closely at the flowers5 Jasper (2).JPG

4 Milo (1)a.JPGMilo – thought he saw a butterfly4 Milo (4)a.JPG

6 Rocket (4)aRocket – got very close the the flowers6 Rocket (2)a

2 Louie (1)a.JPGLouie – watched as a bee flew by2 Louie (3)a.JPG

1 Ziggy (1).JPGZiggy – tucked his feet up away from the ants1 Ziggy (3).JPG

3 Seve (1)a.JPGSeve – loved the sun shining on his beautiful curls3 Seve (3)a.JPG

7 Gracie (3).JPGGracie – the fresh air made her sleepy7 Gracie (4)a.JPG

We all enjoyed …‘A Breath of Fresh Air’ 

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Cockapoo 4 u x

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