Magnificent Seven


Our Magnificent Seven

1. Jasper Named.JPG1. Jasper.JPG

2. Milo Named.JPG2. Milo aaaaaaa

3. Rocket aNamed.JPG3. Rocket a.JPG

4. Louie aNamed.JPG4. Louie aaaaaaaaJPG.JPG

5. Ziggy aaaa Named.JPG5. Ziggy aa.JPG

6. Seve Named.JPG6 Seve.JPG

7. Gracie aaNamed.JPG7. Gracie aaaa

1 Jetta.jpgJett is …  Sooooooooooooooooo Very Very Proud of her Beautiful BabiesJett Best 1.JPGWho are now 6 weeks oldLouie Abbie Ace.JPGThey have met the… ‘Beagles’Ziggy Ace aZiggy gave Abbie a KissLouie Abbie aaaaLouie enjoyed seeing Abbie, Ace wanted to meet Louie toLouie Abbie a.JPGWe Love our New Friend’s Ace and AbbieLouie Abbie Ace a.JPGHaving playmates has made us … Very HappyLouie Abbie aaaaa

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