5 Weeks Old – Garden Adventure

Garden Adventures Today we have been playing in the garden.Hiding in the grassEating it too !!!Lots of exciting things to look atLook what I have found ….What is it?  … It’s sooooooooooooooooooo BIG !!!Can I climb on it?Oh No … It’s too highThink I will get back downThat’s better I feel safe nowHere comes Gran… Read More

We Are Growing

Growing Fast We are now 12 Days Old We Are The Beautiful Girls     We Are The Stunning Boys We  are all … Gorgeous Today we had our first taste of food     We loved the milk lapping it up it was “Yummy” After we had our drink we had our Nails  cut… Read More


Vaccinations  Vaccinations are especially important for puppies and young dogs to safeguard their long-term health and wellbeing, When a puppy is born, they are partially protected from external infections and dangers due to inherited immunity transferred to them through the milk of their mother. However, this will only protect them during the first few weeks… Read More