First Few Days

1 A First Few Days signed

First Days

In the first few days I will need to get used to my new surroundings and need your help to guide me and train me.

I may be a little unsure of the big new house and garden and all the new faces.

I will need a warm safe place to sleep, a crate or plastic bed is ideal along with a soft blanket and a teddy.

Please don’t use my bed area as a punishment, I want to feel happy here and have this  area to go to whenever I am tired or want some alone time.


House Training

I will need to be house trained – always remember to take me outside as soon as I wake up, stay with me and praise me every time I go.

Try not to punish me for my accidents I am young, but I will soon learn, I want to please you so praise will work better than negativity. If you shout at me for my accidents I may try to hold myself and not go in front of you.

If I have an accident inside, quickly place me outside. A good idea is to note my routine, and ensure after play, food and sleep I am given a chance to be outside with you so you can reward me when I get it right.