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Learning the command Sit starts at a very early age, a puppy will respond very quickly to eye contact but most of all to your voice

Jaffa … Sits and waits for her dinner

Early training is very important with any puppy here you see Jaffa ony 10 weeks old but already has learnt to sit and wait for a short time.

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Getting a New Cockapoo Puppy used to a collar is the first step on the road to independence. Building the first bond between you and your new puppy

Your New Cockapoo Puppy can start wearing their collar in the house before you take them out for their first walk

It’s in these early weeks your New Cockapoo Puppy will gain skills that will last him a life time.


One of the most important commands your Cockapoo puppy will ever learn is to


Training your Cockapoo puppy to Sit is the first training exercise you should attempt, This will be the most important command your Cockapoo puppy will ever learn.         Once mastered this ‘Sit Command’ will be with your Cockapoo for life.

It is important to make a special time for your Cockapoo puppy away from the distractions of the busy house hold, where you will be able to gain your Cockapoo puppies full attention. Make these seasons short but focused.

‘Patience and praise is the key to success’.


Tips on Teaching your Cockapoo to ‘Sit’

  • Keep calm , use minimal language as you only want your Cockapoo puppy to hear the ‘Sit command’
  • Stand still infront of your Cockapoo puppy.
  • Get your Cockapoo puppies interest in a small treat or toy.
  • Hold the treat above your Cockapoo’s nose (not too high or they will jump)              so he looks up, then take it to just behind his nose so that he has to move his head backwards
  • The only way your Cockapoo can reach the treat is to put his bottom on the floor.
  • The moment he does say … ‘SIT’, give the treat and then lots of praise.
  • Within a few attempts, your Cockapoo will know how to earn the treat, and his sit response will get quicker.
  • When your Cockapoo fully understands what is expected, say “Sit” as they sit introduce a hand sign so they also learn to associate the word with the action.
  • With practice your Cockapoo puppy will master this skill.


Once mastered you will be able to ask him to sit rather than lure him into position with the treat.

Remember always Praise …  a jovial verbal reward “Good …… ” will soon replace the small treat.

Be patient, and most of all enjoy it.


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