Nipping + Mouthing

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Nipping and Mouthing

Please, Please, Please …

Nip Nipping in the Bud

A puppy is born with out any teeth at the age of 2 to 3 weeks their teeth start to erupt

This is the age they start to use them as they play with their mother and litter mates

At this age they are learning and discovering their position within the litter

1A I Have Teeth

They have to learn how to change nipping into soft mouthing to get attention.

Puppy life without litter mates and adult dogs  to play with is very different so they go looking for attention in their new families

Puppies now have New Learning as to what is right and acceptable and to what is wrong and unacceptable within these new surroundings .


Learning Rules

When puppies play with people, they often bite, chew and mouth on people’s hands, limbs and clothing.

Your puppy will try to get a game out of you and your children.

To get someones attention, they will nip your feet, pull at your socks, jump up and hang from your sweater or skirt…

Telling your puppy NO and pulling them away from your child or your trouser leg when they are nipping will not teach them anything

Only the fact that they are being given attention

Whenever they are around a busy child or your trouser legs  there is a very high action and energy being shown by you.

Your puppy will react to this attention, so his energy level will increase and he will most likely try to go back for more.

You have to try and take a step back from the situation and see things from your puppy’s perspective.

Your puppy might very well be jumping up and nipping your child because he/she does everything that is active and interesting for a little pup – hands flying everywhere, loud noises at a high pitch

So set up training situations with your puppy and your child, where your puppy is rewarded with a nice treat if he sits down in front of the child

Praising and rewarding them for good behavior  will shape them into doing things that you like them to do.

If you want to punish him, the best method is to completely ignore him

When puppies play with people, they often bite, chew and mouth on people’s hands, limbs and clothing.

Learning to curb these behaviors is one of the most important things to learn.

As a very young puppy, they wouldn’t understand as it’s been their only way of communicating within the litter  (it’s like correcting a one-year-old baby ).

Advice on  what should you do

When your puppy nips softly. Keep your hand still; withdrawing your hand is an invitation to play and nip harder.

Most people pull their hands away when nipped.

To us , drawing back is self-defense

To a pup, however, it’s an invitation to play.

If your puppy starts biting down hard, turn quickly, say ‘ouch’ with a shrill voice (like a

puppy would shriek if he go hurt or frightened by something) ” and glare into their eyes

for two seconds; then go back to your normal routine.

If your puppy continues and won’t stop, pick them up calmly and remove from the situation


Time Out

Do not speak  to your puppy keep calm don’t scald just cage with favorite chewing toy

Leave for 5 mins them praise for good behavior.

Whenever your puppy licks you, say “Kisses” and praising and encourage them change your tone of voice

 Happy Owner Happy Puppy

Very soon your puppy will learn by tone of voice and your reaction what is correct

behavior and what is NOT ACCEPTED

Remember, puppies nip when they feel needy (just like a baby cries). If your puppy won’t let up, ask yourself if she wants something, like an outing, exercise,sleep,food or a drink.

Nipping puppies soon become bossy and manipulative and may  need a firmer regimen.

Please, Please, Please …

Nip Nipping in the Bud

Then you and your pup can enjoy each others company and become

Best Friend’s


Mouthing is an attention-getting behavior.

A way of communicate a need to go out,

A way to get your attention if they are hungry respond.

Always respond to soft mouthing with praise

Learn to pick up on their body language and they will very soon pick up on yours

Have Fun

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