Puppy Trainig

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Training Your Puppy

Just like a baby your puppy has to learn, everything within your home will be new, lots of things for him/her to investigate and explore.

Plastic In Mouth

Remember things that look cute can be very dangerous for your puppy

Firstly they may be a little apprehensive of new situations but their confidence will grow day by day. Your little puppy has to learn what is right what is wrong, what is good to chew and what they are not allowed. Start as you mean to go on a Cockapoo puppy will be very quick to learn but you as their owners need to guild them. Always reward and Praise Good Behaviour with a happy tone of voice .

Unacceptable behaviour needs nipping in the bud don’t smack your puppy calmly remove the object from the situation then react with a voice change a sharp no then give the puppy his toy and Praise them for playing with their toy

2c Rock.

Your New Puppy will very soon learn what the  change in your voice means.

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Puppies like babies love to learn a trained puppy is a pleasure to have around very soon you will a Forever Friend

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