A New Puppy

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If you are thinking of  buying a new

“F1 Cockapoo Puppy”

We may be able to help you …

Puppies Due …. October 2017

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We  try to ensure that we provide

all the information and advice needed for the new owners

as bringing a puppy into your home is a big decision

one which needs careful consideration.

Love Is Taking a new puppy home

Puppies are often likened to human babies,

they need a lot of time, love and care

to help them become a firm part of your family.


Each breed of dog brings about different surprises but all will find a special place in your heart.

I’m sure most people will agree it is important to ensure the pup you purchase has had a good start in life,

if you are looking for a family pet who will become a long time best friend

then finding the right temperament in your puppy is very important,

doing research into the different breeds is always recommended.

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We are a family home and love all our dogs

they enjoy all  home comforts including sleeping on our sofa

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Puppies who have enjoyed a home environment in their early days will often be more sociable.

Here at Cockapoo4u.com you get peace of mind, that a loving home is given from the day your puppy is born, until the day we hand over our puppy to you

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We ensure that our dogs health is maintained to a very high standard

correct health checks and on going vaccinations, wormers and flea treatments are completely up to date,

hopefully meaning all our dogs, including your new puppy live a long, healthy happy life.

Your Puppy will leave us with a

Full Health Check


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Our dogs are our children and very much loved members of our family.

living  in a family environment, they are fully socialized with other dogs and children

With your continued love and care

You will have friend for life.

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We have been a family of Dog lovers for our whole lives,

We are proud to offer these beautiful

F1′ Cockapoo’s

the love and respect they deserve.

 All the pups leave us with a puppy pack

which is individual to you and your new addition.

1AA Love

The Puppy Pack includes …

  • 4 Weeks Free Pet Insurance
  • Full Vet Health Check
  • Worming Chart (all pups are fully up to date with their wormer before leaving us)
  • Lots of Printed information and Advice
  • Food
  • Soft Toy
  • continued support from us via email and phone as you require.

We welcome  visits so please contact us for any information


We are always there at the end of the phone

Contact us Telephone Number

We will do our best to offer you support and advice

on caring for your

Special Cockapoo