We Can See You – 2 Weeks Old

We are 2 Weeks Old Today … We Can See You … Golden Girl ”  Mummy Look” … “I’ve Opened My Eyes”  ” I’m saving a Big Kiss for” … My Mummy …. My Daddy …  My Brothers …. & My Big Sister”x “I can’t wait to”… “See You” xxx Roxey “Look Mummy and Grace… Read More

10 Days Old – Weigh In

We are  10 Days Old Growing Soooooooooooooooooo Big and Stong We don’t fit in the kitchen scales anymore so have to be weighed in the Big  Bucket Here we are … Our Beautiful Golden Girl  Don’t Laugh …  I was Enjoying it in here Our Gorgeous  Roxey You know what … I think  ………….. I… Read More

Meet Our Special Cockapoo Babies

We are Very Very Proud to Welcome Our Special Cockapoo Babies Now let us introduce ourselves … Meet the Gorgeous Girls  I’m a Beautiful … Little Gold Girl I’m a Gorgeous … Pure Black Girl My Name is  … Roxey   We are the  Stunning Boys I’m a Beautiful … Gold Boy My name is… Read More

Wonderful News

We are Very Proud to Announce The Longed for Arrival of … Jaffa’s Stunning Cockapoo Babies Jaffa and Basils Wonderful Babies All born safe and well on 17th October 2018  I Love My Babies Soooooooooooooooooooooo Very Much xxx 5 Precious Cockapoo Puppies  2 Gorgeous Little Girls       3 Stunning Little Boys Born into Love A… Read More

Cockapoos Birth to Grown-up

Our Cockapoo Babies  1st Year they are now Grown-up … All have Wonderful Homes Oh what a Fantastic year Look how we have grown … The Beautiful Girls Now the Handsome Boys … We have been having … Lot’s Of Fun Love and Laughter Wishing Everyone  Many, Many More Years of … Exciting Adventures Friendship… Read More

Cockapoo Puppies – First Week of Life

New Born Puppies New born puppies are totally reliant on their mother for all their needs. Their mother will take care of all their personal hygiene cleaning them and stimulating  the puppies to go to the toilet as they are unable to do this independently , she will then clean up after them keeping her… Read More