Markeaton Park

Markeaton Park Jaffa sat patiently while we watched The Squirrels Play Mum took this beautiful Photo of A Squirrel with an acorn Jaffa’s new collar and lead arrived today Makes her look so grown up Jaffa was a good girl walking  on her new lead She met a new friend Jasper Border Terrier Jaffa and… Read More

Wet Markeaton Park

Markeaton Park  We took Jaffa to Markeaton Park   This was going to be her first walk on her short walking lead  Jaffa was not sure to start with  Dad  giving her reassurance Jaffa soon got the hang Walking next to him What A Little Star  You Are Jaffa   Jaffa Sits when asked  Meeting… Read More

Carsington Water

 Carsington Water It was lovely to see Jaffa Watching the ducks Fly out across Carsington Water Look Jaffa Lots of Ducks It was lovely to see Jaffa  Running free Jaffa’s  Recall is Unbelievable for saying she is only 11 weeks old She just loves to fetch her Baby Pheasant Then watches as Dad throws it… Read More

Red Bed

Red Bed I Really Love My … Red Bed Jaffa    11 weeks old Breeze, Tia and Jaffa Enjoying the Red Bed Time to curl up and go to Sleep Watching … Listening and Waiting  Soooooooooo very safe On the Red Bed with Breeze and Tia My Best Friend’s Oh I’m so lucky to have Friend’s… Read More

Field Fun

Field Fun We are Sooooooooooooo Lucky  Having  A Field to Run and Play in. Watching My Friend’s Play Lot’s of Grass to Explore Jaffa found … A Very Big Snake  Jaffa has the Beagles To Play With Oh what Fun Dad has Treats Sitting and Waiting for a Treat Jaffa Now 11 weeks old Sometimes… Read More